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Trinity Holistic Wellness is a holistic wellness located in the home of Dr. Carolyn Berghuis. 1037 Deer Lake Drive, Carmel, IN 46032

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I only wish everyone could experience the awakening of their mind, body and spirit as I have.

"I am feeling better than I have in years and I am so thankful I met Dr. Carolyn and stepped out of my comfort zone and made that first call. It has changed my life. I do have a long way to go but with the help of God and Dr. Carolyn I feel my life is finally on the right track and I have hope that I can live a full and happy life. The best part of this journey is the friend I have made in Dr. Carolyn and needless to say God. I can’t believe how far I’ve come and I look forward to my future for the first time in a very long time. I only wish everyone could experience the awakening of their mind, body and spirit as I have."


The level of care you get for the price is outstanding.

"My calls to Dr. Carolyn are always answered immediately by her wonderful staff and I love knowing that if I have a quick question I won't have to wait a half hour to get it answered. When I call they answer right away and I am always so happy to hear a friendly voice. They always return my phone calls/e-mails quickly. I always know that I'll get a prompt answer to my question. The office is clean, welcoming and joyful. It is fantastic to be able to breathe freely and relax with each visit. Their prices are very fair. The level of care you get for the price is outstanding. Dr. Carolyn is a caring person and you can see that immediately upon the first visit. I highly recommend her services!"


I can't wait to see what I feel like after more time!

As a new member to the Trinity Holistic Wellness family, I'm happy to say my overall opinion of what health is and my own health has completely changed. Dr. Carolyn opened my eyes to truly listening to my own body and whats its telling me. Not only that, she has given me the tools, such as whole food supplements and modifying my diet, to make sure my body can do what it's meant to do; heal itself. Before working here I was healthy, but like most people, had become accustomed to dealing things about my body that just didn't feel right. After only one week of supplements I have noticed a difference in my skin, energy levels, mood, and digestive health. I can't wait to see what I feel like after more time! She has distilled in me the true worth of knowing that each person is uniquely wonderful and different. We all have the capability of making choices that can impact our lives, health, and relationships for the better! --Sarah


I can't believe how at peace I am!

My daughter has been seeing Dr. Carolyn for approx 2 years and had been after me to also see her. I wish I had taken my wise daughter's advise 2 years ago. The change in my physical health and mental health has improved so dramatically in the six months I have been coming to her that sometimes I can't believe how at peace I am. Even though I live 2 hours away, it is worth the drive to find "me" again. Thank you and your staff, Dr. C. Wonderful people, wonderful environment and wonderful results. --Ruth


My energy and overall well being has greatly improved

I have been a patient of Dr. Carolyn's for several years. I felt like I was pretty healthy when I began seeing her. However I learned that I could be feeling much better than I had been. Through dietary and lifestyle changes as well as natural supplements my energy and overall well being has greatly improved. Dr. Carolyn will help you figure out specifically which supplements your body needs. When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Carolyn she will spend as much time with you as you need her to and you will never feel rushed out the door. --Arlene


It's been actually FUN to step on the scale every morning!

My journey started with realizing how my blood type effects what I can eat. It was an 'ah ha' moment for me! Realizing that food is not a source of entertainment or reward was HUGE for me. Then, I had my first L.I.V.E session, realized that in order to successfully lose weight, my mind needs to be "healthy" as well. I have carried burdens and worries, stresses and false 'beliefs' with me for 36 years and I was finally able to unload some of them each time I went to my L.I.V.E session. I'm down 13 lbs. already! It's been actually FUN to step on the scale every morning. I love going in to see Dr. Carolyn and I love taking some time in the sauna or footbath! This is a journey that I'm going on to make a lifestyle change...mind, body, and soul....and I encourage others to do the same! --Beth


You Are a Genius...in the Healing Arts

Thank you so much Dr. I can tell you have a special place.  Your office is like a healing sanctuary in the in the Garden and you definitely flow in there.  You are a genius in the healing arts.  You are like a conversation ninja.  The way you pick up on specific words just in casual dialogue and are able to use those words as clues to identifying major interferences in people's peace, joy, and prosperity.  I am stoked that God brought you into my life.  The timing is just so perfect. --Dr. Rick


My Faith Was Restored

Two years ago, after taking several different antibiotics and having mercury fillings removed, I unexpectedly became very ill. My illness came with a long list of strange symptoms including vision loss, muscle twitching, numbness in hands, heart palpitations, hot flashes, chronic insomnia, dizziness etc. I went to numerous specialists, had many tests, and tried many prescriptions to manage my symptoms. I was off work for two and half months, and sick for over a year. None of the specialists I saw were able to give me definitive diagnosis, and the end result was a referral to the Mayo Clinic. I chose not to go, due to the fact that I had already spent five thousand in medical bills, my short term disability was up at work, and quite frankly I had lost all faith in doctors and prescription medications, as they seemed to only be making my problems worse.

I decided to turn to a Naturopath, Dr. Carolyn Berghuis ND. Based on her testing I had several body systems that were not functioning properly and my immune system was severely compromised. She started me on a special diet and vitamins intended to build and repair my immune system, and after a year of following her program, I am healthy and happy again. I continue to follow the diet and take numerous vitamins to protect my immune system. --Tiffany


One and A Half Weeks to a New Me!

Thank God my dad found Trinity Holistic Wellness for me! It was four months after my second C-section, and I would not stop bleeding. I had been to my medical doctor for a barrage of tests, including an ultrasound, biopsy, and blood work; they could not find anything wrong with me! My doctor said the next step would be to test my thyroid to see if I needed to be put on hormones, and she mentioned a D&C as a last resort. I was tired of all the tests with the same answer, "I don't know," and hormoes were not an option for me. I was breastfeeding, and did not want my milk supply affected by the hormones. I didn't want that junk in my baby, and, quite frankly, I really didn't want it in me either! I talked with my dad, and we went online and found Dr. Carolyn's practice. I am SO thankful I made that first appointment!

Dr. Carolyn immediately found what was wrong through her assessment. She reccommended that I take some homeopathic remedies, change my diet, and make a few changes in my lifestyle. She worked with my body to allow it to heal itself. I stopped bleeding a week and half after my first appointment with Dr. Carolyn! It was so good to be true, I was afraid to believe it at first. But it was true! And such a relief! Even though the bleeding is the best result, my favorite result is all the energy I have! i love to dance, and I love to workout, but it was getting harder and harder to do so. I have had low energy since college, over nine yars ago, and this is the first time I have had so much energy! My kids are really getting my best now, instead of a tired, not-all-there mom. Another crazy result - I need way less sleep than before! Love it! Thank you so much to Dr. Carolyn and Trinity Holistic Wellness!! --Michele


I Gained My Life Back

The change in my life in the three weeks is remarkable. When Carolyn asked all of us to talk about our journey on this program, I got emotional. Not only did I lose weight but I gained parts of me back. I am a totally different person than when I started. How happy I am is how happy I feel. I lost 11 pounds, 2% body fat and 2% BMI. I am continuing my journey of healing my body and reaching my goal weight. More importantly, I am spending time with my family and friends doing the things I love instead of sleeping on my couch!  It is possible to change your life in three weeks. --Ginny


Did You Get Your Eyes Done?

During the past week I had dinner with a friend that I had not seen in months. She kept staring at my face and finally asked, “OK, did you get your eyes done? Is that why I haven’t seen you in a few months?” I just laughed and told her I finally didn’t have that bloated hypothyroid puff any more and explained how I had been working with you and noted all the miracles you have performed on my road to healing myself. She said I looked great and that she honestly thought I had cosmetic surgery! Best compliment I have had in years…What an endorsement for you! --Vic


I was in the best health of my life...I owe it all to you!

Well, went to see my family doc for a check-up today. Remember a few months ago he wanted me on a statin? Well, he nearly fainted when he saw the lab tests today. Bad cholesterol down 30 points! Good cholesterol up 20 points! Six more pounds lost (only 6 to go and I’ll weigh what I consider to be my PERFECT weight) and all other tests within normal range. All within a few short months--he was astounded. I keep telling him that you are a miracle worker and today he finally believed it. He said that I was in the best health of my life since he has known me. I owe it all to you! --Vic [again]


No More Stomach Pain

I suffered for years with digestive issues which included nightly stomach pains.  For relief I tried the medical route, chiropractic care, as well as over the counter medications.  While some things did help temporarily, nothing helped long term.

My first visit to Carolyn was at the end of April 2009.  Carolyn and I agreed that the Purification & Weight Loss Program would be a great way to address the concerns and issues I was having.  My main concern was feeling better, but I also hoped to shed a few extra pounds I had put on over the winter.

Within 2 weeks, I noticed significant changes.  The stomach pains were subsiding, I was sleeping better at night, and I lost 8 pounds.

I write to you now less than 4 months later with the only regret being that I didn't walk in your doors years ago.  The changes that Carolyn has helped me make in my life have truly given me a new life.  I have more energy, and I'm less irritable because my body is functioning much more efficiently.  I now have no stomach pains and have kept the weight off without ever feeling hungry.

Let me sum it all up with a great big THANK YOU! --Tambla


Weight Loss Success!

I first learned of my hypothyroid issue about 7 years ago.  Recently I have had to get blood tests every 3 months to increase the dosage of synthroid.  When Carolyn held an educational seminar on Sluggish Weight loss, I signed up.  I learned more from her 2 hour seminar than I had in the 7 years from my medical doctor.  The seminar gives you plenty to think about and several ah-ha’s, yes, I experience that….things you just pass of as stress, being a part of normal life’s aging process, hormonal, etc.  I considered myself a somewhat healthy eater, I drank my water, took vitamins, exercised some, tried all the diets from Atkins, Jenny Craig, T-Burn Fat Attack Combo, you name it, but I could not lose but a few pounds here and there.  I first met with Carolyn on June 6th and began the 3-week cleanse process on June 19th.  Today is July 19th and I have lost 16.5 pounds and have more energy than I could imagine.  Just prior to meeting with Carolyn, I would come home from work, eat, sit down to watch Wheel of Fortune at 7:00 pm and would fall asleep in the chair in the middle of the show.  NOT GOOD !!! I experienced interrupted sleep at night, 3:00 in the afternoon sleepy time, and lots more small things that added up to no energy, feeling irritable, and overall blaaah …all things I just said was a part of “normal” life.  Well, it is not normal.  From the different testing methods, I have learned some very interesting things about myself.  Carolyn is always willing to take the time to explain it so you understand….even though it is a great deal of information that is basically a foreign language to most of us.  What does It take to do this plan:  Commitment, some “me” time which we all should do anyway, organization, open mindedness, willingness to listen to your body more than you ever have before….because it will tell you things, we just need to be aware, which that is what Carolyn is good about…asking do you experience this, that???  Still I pass some things off as something else, but she makes me aware that it may be something else that I didn’t know was a symptom or a result.  The overall experience so far has been AWESOME! --Diane


Cholesterol Drops 30 Points! 

Before coming to Carolyn I was fatigued, had difficulty sleeping, could not lose weight and had very poor circulation in my legs and arms. To date, since seeing Carolyn, I have gotten off nearly all my prescription medications, I no longer sleep with braces on my arms to aid in circulation, my energy levels have increased, I am sleeping through the night, my cholesterol levels have dropped over 30 points and I have lost over 18 pounds! --Nila


Outstanding Weight Loss Chart


-- Chart by Barbara


Unexplained Long Term Itchy Rash - Going, Going, Gone! 

I just wanted to update you on the state of “whatever it was” on my leg.  As you might remember when I saw you on Tuesday I showed you the red itchy blistery mess on my left leg.  You gave me Aller-Tox II and Antronex.  I took both when I got home on Tuesday.  Wednesday morning the blisters were smaller and the red spot that looked like a burn was not as red.  It didn’t really itch anymore.  By Wednesday evening the blisters were pretty much gone and all the spots had dry skin on the top.  Today, Thursday, everything is fading and drying up!  If it starts to get itchy I know it’s time to take the Antronex. 

You are simply amazing!  I’ve had this “stuff” for years and it always spreads.  The Drs usually don’t know what to do.  I’ve had prednisone before, which I hate.  So I guess you finally found the cure for whatever this is.  I’ll just keep taking the Aller-Tox II and Antronex until “whatever it is” is gone. You rock!

-- Becky

p.s. Please use my testimony!  You can use my full name, social security #, address and phone #.  That’s how much I believe in this method of healing!


Infertility Miracle

Diagnosed with very large uterine fibroids about two years ago, I was encouraged to have them surgically removed. This would mean major surgery, 8 wks off work, scarring, etc. At the time, this was not high on my priority list. Under the care of Dr. Carolyn, my symptoms were well controlled. Matt and I were newly married and I wanted to get pregnant! But after seeing a fertility specialist, I found out my chances were nil. They discouraged invitro fertilization and told me that my only chances of conceiving would be with an egg donor.  It didn't look possible.  Four months ago, I started having back pain. Another fertility specialist had me undergo an MRI and found out my fibroids were necrotic in some areas and attributed the pain to it. He also started throwing around the "C" word. I was done! I scheduled my hysterectomy. My mother and my sister both had their hysterectomies in their early 30's. On the day of my surgery, lying on the gurney, having been prepped and ready to go, the doctor came in and told me they would be cancelling my surgery because I was pregnant. Matt and I were in total disbelief. Really, the doctor didn't even believe it. He thought that I would probably miscarry. I figured that I would too. Currently I am 17 and1/2 wks pregnant. I have uterine/back pain whenever I walk any long distance, but I have been blessed. My Obgyn says she'll be, "happy and pleased" if I can make it to 35 wks. I would like 37. It ‘s working so far.  Thanks to God for leading me toward Dr. Carolyn, I am confident that I am going to have a healthy baby. -- Amy

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