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Trinity Holistic Wellness is a holistic wellness located in the home of Dr. Carolyn Berghuis. 1037 Deer Lake Drive, Carmel, IN 46032

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Diagnosed with very large uterine fibroids about two years ago, I was encouraged to have them surgically removed. This would mean major surgery, 8 wks off work, scarring, etc. At the time, this was not high on my priority list. Under the care of a Dr. Carolyn, my symptoms were well controlled. Matt and I were newly married and I wanted to get pregnant! But after seeing a fertility specialist, I found out my chances were nil. They discouraged invitro fertilization and told me that my only chances of conceiving would be with and egg donor.  It didn't look possible. Dr Carolyn had me see Dr Harry for acupuncture and despite our odds, Matt and I were trying.  Four months ago, I started having back pain. Another fertility specialist had me undergo an MRI and found out my fibroids were necrotic in some areas and attributed the pain to it. He also started throwing around the "C" word. I was done! I scheduled my hysterectomy. My mother and my sister both had their hysterectomies in their early 30's. On the day of my surgery, lying on the gurney, having been prepped and ready to go, the doctor came in and told me they would be cancelling my surgery because I was pregnant. Matt and I were in total disbelief. Really, the doctor didn't even believe it. He thought that I would probable miscarry. I figured that I would to. Currently I am 17 and1/2 wks pregnant. I have uterine/back pain whenever I walk any distance but, I have been blessed. My Obgyn says she'll be "happy and pleased" if I can make it to 35 wks. I would like 37. I currently have acupuncture weekly to try to shrink the fibroid and decrease the pain. It ‘s working so far.  Thanks to God leading me toward Dr. Carolyn I am confident that I am going to have a healthy baby.


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