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Trinity Holistic Wellness is a holistic wellness located in the home of Dr. Carolyn Berghuis. 1037 Deer Lake Drive, Carmel, IN 46032

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What should I expect during my Initial Appointment?

A: If you are a new patient to Dr. Carolyn, the first appointment you have will be a 90 Minute Initial Appointment. As you may notice, 90 minutes is a significantly longer amount of time then you would spend with your traditional medical doctor. It is our goal to provide you with plenty of time to understand how your body heals itself and to get all of your questions answered during this time. During this appointment Dr. Carolyn will perform an EDS Exam and evaluation, discuss your concerns and go over your Initial Intake Forms. Once she feels she has a good idea of your current condition she will make recommendations including various remedies and lifestyle changes.

 Q: How long will it take for me to feel better?

A: To begin, it is important to realize that there are several factors to consider here; including, everyone's unique health story, the variation in patient compliance (committed patients get better quicker!), and the approach Dr. Carolyn takes towards each individual patient. What is true for one individual will not hold true for another. With that being said, there are some basic guidelines we can look to regarding natural care. To begin it is important to understand that the human body tends to heal itself from the inside out, top down and in reverse order of illness. For example, that sinus infection you had last week will probably take president over the longer standing fatigue you may be experiencing. In a nut shell, this will be a process.

However; Dr. Carolyn understands that you probably want to feel better - yesterday. She appreciates the fact that real, long term healing takes time to accomplish and she likes to give her patients realistic expectations. Additionally, she is a fan of "under promising" and "over delivering". A good rule of thumb is as follows: for every year you have experienced a health issue, you will need to give your body a month in natural support to turn things around. Not to bad - and definitely worth the effort! As Dr. Carolyn likes to say "You are, by the grace of God, going to be walking this earth for several plus more decades - let's make them count!"

Q: How much should I expect to spend?

A: So you are ready to take charge of your health and become Fully Alive! You have decided you are going to take the steps necessary to experience all of the health, happiness and wholeness your heart desires. This is awesome! Now we need to figure out a plan that will work for the long haul. Creating a Monthly Wellness Budget (MWB) is a part of this plan. Dr. Carolyn isn’t interested in just being a “flash in the pan” in your life. She wants to be a part of real change, real health, real happiness and real meaning in your life. To accomplish this we need to be practical and create a MWB and a mutually beneficial partnership. She will give her all to your care; her mind, her heart and her time. And in return, you will need to fund your care and follow her recommendations.

To begin, all expenses in life are easiest dealt with when we create a budget. Have you ever been faced with an unexpected expense you didn’t budget for? How did that feel? Not so good huh? Would it have felt better, perhaps less painful, if you would have had some funds set aside for that expense? Many of us operate a monthly grocery budget, a monthly entertainment budget, a monthly housing budget, a monthly automobile budget, a monthly clothing budget and so on. Budgeting is a basic part of adult life. Dr. Carolyn also suggests that you incorporate a MWB for your care with her. There are two expenses you will need to plan for; your office visits and your remedies.

Office Visits: Over the years Dr. Carolyn has found that she sees most of her new patients 6 times during the first year for nutritional care; an Initial Appointment and 5 follow-up Naturopathic Follow-up Appointments. All sessions include EDS testing and analysis. Thereafter the number of visits vary between 2-4 Naturopathic Follow-up Appointments annually depending the your individual health needs and goals. Dr. Carolyn address her patients as whole persons. In light of this she offers emotional and spiritual support in addition to Naturopathic support. This is accomplished through The LIVE Method. We invite you to learn more about LIVE and how it can help you by visiting this page: The LIVE Method.

  • Initial Appointment: $204
  • Naturopathic Follow-up Appointment: $125
  • LIVE Initial: $204
  • LIVE Follow-up: $180

Remedies: Here at Trinity Holistic Wellness we carry what we consider to be the “Cadillac” of remedies available on the natural remedy market. Only available to licensed or board certified practitioners, we have found the lines we carry to be of the highest quality and efficacy. Additionally, we maintain optimal climate control of our remedies so you can be assured of their effectiveness. Like anything of quality there is a price to be paid for this; however, Dr. Carolyn will not compromise on her remedies and she insists on offering only remedies that deliver results. After all, it is results we are looking for! While the total costs of remedies vary from individual to individual (no cookie cutter approach here) we have found a general range that new patients should use for budgeting purposes.

  • First 6 Months for remedies: $250 - $350 per month
  • Thereafter for remedies: $150 - $250 per month

Dr. Carolyn believes it is important to understand that wellness is our own personal obligation and right. Surrendering this responsibility and right to your insurance company, the government or your family members removes you from being the primary decision maker in the care of your very own personal body! Wellness is a choice we make for ourselves, and like most things worth achieving, it takes perseverance, planning, patience, fortitude and finances. By creating a MWB you are on your way to truly owning your own personal well-being. Why trust this responsibility to anyone else?

Q: What is the typical length of care like?

A: While each patient's journey will be entirely unique, there are general guidelines pertaining to visit frequency that we will follow. After your Initial Appointment you will see Dr. Carolyn for approximately five 60 Minute EDS Appointments ($125.00) over the next year.

  • 4-6 Weeks After Initial Appointment
  • 6-8 Weeks After 1st Follow-Up
  • 8 Weeks After 2nd Follow-Up
  • 3 Months After 3rd Follow-UP
  • 3 Months After 4th Follow-Up

These appointments are designed to ensure that everything is running smoothly for you, and that progress is being made. This also gives you a chance to address any further questions you may have thought of, or for Dr. Carolyn to make any recommendation changes if she sees the need.

After you have reached a level of wellness that can be sustained, your visit frequency will drop to two or three 60 Minute EDS Appointments a year. This will keep you proactive and allows us to catch imbalances before they manifest as a disease. The important thing to remember is that wellness is not an "event" or a "place". It is going to be a journey that looks different to each individual. This is a concept that can be difficult for some patients to grasp, but once you do, each little progress you make will feel like a huge accomplishment!

 Q: Do you accept insurance? 

A: Naturopathic, and other similar forms of holistic health care, are not currently covered under any insurance in Indiana. If you have questions regarding your policy you should contact them privately, we do not have any part in this process.  

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Our cancellation policy states that any appointment made must be cancelled or rescheduled prior to 2 business days of your appointment time. We do keep credit and/or debit cards on file for each client to enforce this policy. As with any appointment, we are reserving time from our schedule for you. We respect the fact that there are emergencies and surprises in life, and while these are unfortunate, we must uphold our cancellation policy to maintain the integrity of our business. If you want to consult with any of our other policies you can find them on our center policies page

Q: How does your weight loss program work?

A: Our three phase weight loss system is truly different in that it is 100% individualized. You can find lots of information about general weight loss guidelines on our weight loss page. While this page will give you a general idea of what the process will be like, remember; each person is different therefore, each person will experience a different length of time in each phase. The "90 days" is designed as goal in mind and can be cycled through many times. The important thing to remember is that a truly successful weight loss system requires two main things; determination and patience. Remember, you didn't gain the weight over night or even in a week, so it's important to have realistic expectations during this process! 

Q: What kind of health issues do you work with?

A: We work with a myriad of individuals experiencing symptoms and health concerns of all kinds; including, hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, blood sugar metabolism imbalances, cardiovascular concerns, emotional issues such as depression and anxiety, digestive ailments, autoimmune diseases, cancer and everything in between. Our goal is to find the root cause of your imbalance, which may often be a combination of biochemical and emotional obstacles. Once found, we offer the support needed so you can move into an optimal state of emotional and physical health where you become Fully Alive!

Q: Do you offer dietary counsel?

A: During your patient visits Dr. Carolyn will regularly go over your food intake. After all, what you put in your body will determine how well it functions. Garbage in – garbage out! If you have provided your body with less than optimal food and drink over the years you can guarantee that it will repay you in kind by providing you with less than optimal health, energy and vitality – if it hasn’t already… In her over 10 years of practice Dr. Carolyn has found the Blood Type Diet to be of highest benefit to not only herself, but to well over a 1,000 patients who she has recommend the diet to.  Unless you suffer from more advance digestive ailments she will likely recommend it to you. You may want to visit our Blood Type Diet page here to learn more.

Q: Do you recommend nutritional remedies?

A: Of course! Dr. Carolyn believes that in today’s world with it’s air pollution, water pollution, emotional pollution, GMO foods, and down right unhealthy physical and emotional environment it is impossible to stay healthy without high quality nutritional remedies. None of us live as hermits, alone in a cabin in the woods where we eat organically and think healthy thoughts 24/7! We live on planet Earth in the early 21st Century and we need to be aware of the unhealthy world we live in. Given this Dr. Carolyn only recommends high quality, tested and proven effective, pure and clean remedies that are available exclusively to health care providers. She keeps her remedies safely in her office in a climate controlled environment, assuring the stability and efficacy of the remedies. This is unlike many products that are stored in large warehouses where high temperature, humidity and toxic air can compromise the quality of the remedy.

Q: Where will I get my remedies?

A: As mentioned above, Dr. Carolyn carries the remedies in her office that she will recommend. It may be the case that a new patient comes to Dr. Carolyn and he or she is already taking remedies. This is great, a sign that he or she has been taking steps towards optimal health and wellness! However, Dr. Carolyn will more than likely switch you to the remedies she carries for several reasons. 1) She has studied these remedies rather extensively and has vast clinical knowledge of them. 2) The remedies she carries are available to health care providers only, meaning, they provide a level of effectiveness and targeted care that is not available through remedies available to the general population. 3) In order to help you achieve your goals she needs to know what she is working with and she trusts the remedies she has personally chosen to carry.

Q: I am on prescription medications. Can you help me come off them?

A: To begin, only your prescribing medical doctor can take you off a drug they put you on and Dr. Carolyn is not a medical doctor. With that being said, Dr. Carolyn is more than willing to work with you and your medical doctor to help you reach your health care goals which may include coming off your prescription drugs.

Q: I have experienced a lot of stress in my life. Can you help me?

A: Both short term and long term stress can have devastating effects on one’s health. Often the result is anxiety, depression, adrenal fatigue, burn-out and a loss of zest for life. Dr. Carolyn specializes in bringing back into balance the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of wholeness necessary to bring about optimal wellness. Her goal is to help her patients experience a life where they are Fully Alive and concurring stress is essential to achieve this goal.

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