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Trinity Holistic Wellness is a holistic wellness located in the home of Dr. Carolyn Berghuis. 1037 Deer Lake Drive, Carmel, IN 46032

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If you were brought to this website, or told about it from a friend, chances are you are struggling with health symptoms of some sort. You may know what they stem from, such as a prior diagnosis, but some of you may have nothing to base your symptoms on; something just doesn't feel right.

Regardless of what your experience is, the questionnaires listed below can be helpful to give you an idea of where some of your ailments reside. Please note, these questionnaires are not meant to diagnose or to help you self treat, only for basic information and educational purposes. 


You do NOT need to print out these questionnaires prior to your appointment time, but you may if you wish. 


pdf_iconAdrenal Fatigue Questionnaire

pdf_iconHypothyroidism Questionnaire

pdf_iconCandida Questionnaire

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